Валерия — Somehow, Someway

Dm                         Gm7
I see you in that picture frame,
Dm                        Gm7
Every morning's just the same.
Dm                         B
Leaves are falling day by day,
          A              Dm
Nothing changes all the same.

Dm                       Gm7
I feel you in this room again,
Dm                        Gm7
Should I wear this dress today?
F                            B
Roses are blooming month of may,
              A              Dm  D/F#
And nothing changes all the same.

            Gm       Dm      Gm                A
CHORUS: Somehow, someway, I will find another way.
            Gm       Dm         B                 A  B
        Somehow, someway, time will make you go away.
             A       Dm
        Somehow, someway.

Sitting by the windowpane
Tell me who's the one to blame.
Winter snow comes once again,
Nothing changes all the same.

I touch you in my thoughts again,
Could it be it's gonna rain.
Birds are flying south today,
But nothing changes all the same.


Dm                            B
Since time can't forget your name,
          A              Dm 
Then the rain will fall again.
Dm                          B    
Since time won't forget my pain,
          A               Dm
Then the tears will fall again.

Every moment of each day
In all memories, you stay
Like a melody that plays
And forever leaves a trace.

CHORUS (2 раза)

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