Валерия — Love Sick

Возможно вы искали «До встречи» (альбом «Неподконтрольно»)

       Dm/F              E 
It’s impossible now to breathe,
You’ve become everything I need,
       F                 E       Am
Every second apart will kill my soul.

There is nothing that can replace
Being with you in time or space,
I’m beginning to lose myself in you.

                F                    E
CHORUS: And I’d do anythin’ for one touch of your skin,
                Am                   Am/C
        And I’d run anywhere just to feel you within,
                 F                      E
        And you know I would go to the ends of the earth.
               Am                       Am/C
        Every thought, every word is of you, only you.
         F               E             Am              Am/C
        You know you are my obsession nothing else can fill my passion.
         F              E               Am            Am/C
        How can I feel cold and lonely singing you my love sick story?

If there ever have been a time,
When your heart wasn’t one with mine,
Solitude is a lonely place to be.

Now I know how to play this game.
Through the pain is the way I gain
Better one day with you than years without.


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