Валерия — Looking inward

  C       Am   G     Em
What will be? Will I fly?
 D         Hm    A        F#m
Are birds free trapped in sky?
 E       C#m    H      G#m
All the tears, all the pain.
F#      D#m   C#       Bm
No more fear, no more rain,
 G#      Fm   D#      Cm
Life is real, see my goal,
 B       Gm     F       Dm
Lose my dream, find my soul.
Still can grow.

Looking inward gentle peacefull,
Quiet thunder, crystal silence.
Learning knowing never lonely.
F       G        Am   Dm/F
No one Outside {...........}
 C            G       C  Bsus F
Now I put my faith in me.

             C Bsus F
There`s only me
              C Bsus F
And now I`m free,
Oh, now I`m free.

Oh, now I`m free.

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