Валерия — Break It All

Возможно вы искали «Разрушить любовь» (альбом «Неподконтрольно»)

And you think that you're really smart,
And you think that you're strong enough.
So you put me down to the ground,
     Em                     F#
You make me think that it's all my fault.

So you play with me hide and seek,
Why can't you just let me be?
All those promises, deathly paths,
       Em                      F#
Became war with us, you're my enemy.
         G                  Em
Gave it all to you and you took it all,
        G                F#/B
I gave all I can from my heart and soul.

                  Hm-6            A6
CHORUS: I gave it all, I take it all,
                  G                 Em  F#
        I got it all and I break it all.

And I'm tired of the way we are,
After all of those wasting years,
God, I'll try to land on my feet,
When I'm leaving you, I stay on my knees.

In the night when I lie awake,
Wonder why we all make mistakes.
And you'll be what you want so hard.
Take a chance on me, I'll be there for you.
In my heart inside I can give it all,
In my heart and soul I just wanted it all.

CHORUS (2 раза)

It was so precious, we lost it all.
All that time, and I loved you so,
And I love all the sun to shine,
But the same mistakes, they go on and on.
In my heart and soul I've just got it all,
In my heart and soul I can't give it all.

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