Валерия — Believing

Hm                         F#m/H
Now I feel the wind blow - hard against my face,
 Hm                         Em
Restlessness surround me - memory can`t replace
          A                        F#m
All the starry spangled nights, we held each other tight,
G             Em          F#m
Though you`re far away - I do believe someday...

Hm                         F#m/H
I`ll wake up to find you, setting my heart free,
 Hm                              Em
Filling up the emptiness that`s lying next to me.
       A                       F#sus              Hm   
Until then I`ll face the wall, wait to hear your call,
      G               Em    F#
Only time will be my friend and untill the end.

                Hm   Hm/A       Em/G F#
CHORUS: I`ll go on believing in you,
                Hm     Hm/A          Em/G      F#
        You`re leaving - I know it`s true, and yet
           Hm   Hm/A       Em/G F#
        Inside me I will go on
          Em     F#   G     A  
        Believing, Believing.

Tender words were spoken when we had to pert,
You said that forever I`d live inside your heart.
I`ll hold on so tight, wish with all my might.
Broken dreams can medd, love will never end.

CHORUS (2 раза)

I`ll go on believing,
I`ll go on and on.
I`ll go on believing,
I`ll go on and on...

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