Руссо — Born again

C#m           A
Everyday was filled with lonely,
E               H
Like a hole so deep inside.
C#m               A
Waiting for real love to find me,
E                 H 
So many times it passed me by.

I felt so lost and broken,
You reached inside my soul.
You saved this heart from spinning
So far out of control.

     C#m    A                 E               H                   
CHORUS: Whenever I’m with you, it’s like I’m born again.
     C#m    A                E              H
        Whenever I touch you, it’s when my life begins.
     C#m       A               E         H
        I was barely breathing, til you gave my heart a reason.
     C#m    A                 E     H        C#m A E H
        Whenever I’m with you, I’m born again.

I wanna feel your body,
Like a prayer upon my skin.
The only thing that we’ll be fighting
Is letting go and giving in.

It’s such a sweet surrender,
when I’m laying right next to you.
I’m like a new creation,
You make me feel brand new.


A                              E          H          A 
You’re the hunger, you’re the passion, desire of my soul.
    A           C#m                  H
My healing, the love that makes me whole.


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