Мумий Тролль — Nothing promised

Am                                 Dm
Fallen, fallen fall in Love contemplating feel no worries,
Em                                            Dm       Em
Jumping nowhere the heart gives in, it would keep you safe as always.
Am                                         Dm
Skinned Lips are humming trouble, feeling sweet youth that chose abandon.
Em                                    Dm     Em      
Never, never clever and clean, now it is Delicate and tender.

      Dm            G        C                  Am
CHORUS: Drowning, drowning, tears just keep on flowing,
       F                Dm    
        Suffocating in your dreams,
       G              C Am
        Jilted lovers, broken hearted.
         F                        E
        Fantasy it’s not what it seems,
                           Am      F
        There was nothing promised,
             Fm                 Am     F Fm
        The World with nothing promised.

Broken, broken wicked deeds, magic mirrors ask for ransom.
Waves are rolling, eat you in Wild waters, choose the lonesomes.
Weakness - is a little trick, kindness never forgiven.
Veins are burning, crimes justify extraordinary feelings.

CHORUS (2 раза)

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