Мумий Тролль — Love contraband

Time to go home,
Dm               Gm
To crazy Moscow City.
Got to deliver something pretty,
I'm talking me and you.

Time to go home.
I'm the one my country misses.
It needs my love, my hugs and kisses,
Don't ask me why.

                          Dm  Gm C
CHORUS: I have not got a clue,
        A                 Dm  Gm C A
        I have not got a clue.

Time to go home.
I am the one that is on duty.
To save that mesmerizing beauty,
I'm flying to.

Standby, will you?
We never really mind the bollocks.
Radioactive alcoholics,
Can we get more?


Who knows, what is right?
Important things lost in translation.
Eternal miscommunication...

At least we tried,
I call emergency landing.
We bring love contraband in...
Aren't we no more, but why?


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