Мумий Тролль — Fantastica

Gm                    Cm     
I have no doubts, no hesitation,
                B         Am7             D          
Secure in who I am, everything’s all right.
            Gm                      Cm  
We’re in a good place from another planet,
                         B               Am7  D
And though the night is young a smile sunrise.

                       Cm                B
CHORUS: And because of you one word whispered,
           Am7     D   Gm 
        Fantastica, Fantastic.
                     Cm                 B
        Our love is true, tangled up together,
              Am7               D         Gm
        Our galaxy the stars I give to you.

All that we dream, comes true in this moment,
I’ll keep you warm and safe, never let you go. 
We’ll drink the Milky Way lurking in the shadows,
An endless harmony orbits unexplored.

CHORUS (2 раза)

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