Гагарина — Plastic

Cm       C#
I'm not plastic
Cm    C#
In a plastic world.
Cm       C#
Like an outcast,
Cm         C#
Wondering around alone.

      Cm                   C# 
CHORUS: The loneliness is what, feel inside.
      Cm                     C#
        Can't help it, if I want to.
      Cm                C#
        Fake images of what I should be like,
      Cm                         C#
        Strange illusion to live up to.
          G#   Gm           Cm 
        Tonight  we'll be released,
             G#                       Gm  Cm 
        From all about rules and just be free.

Cm      B/D
I know, you can't hear me.
G#       B
My voice is flattering,
Fm        Gm
I've lost my way in you.
I don't want be a heartless puppet.
That's not easy,
To prove it everyday.
Blind and speechless,
Feels I got a rope round my heck.
I know, you can't hear me.
My voice is flattering,
I've lost my way in you,
So painfully blind.
Alone I can't resist,
This way I can't exist,
So painful my in my heartbeat.
CHORUS (2 раза)

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