Гагарина — Free

Bm        C#
You take off the jacket,
Don't go wasting your time.
          F#                D# 
Don't you see how we're in love girls?
Bm          C#
You, wanna know me better,
I could show you what to loose boy.

You involved me in a bug,
         C#                    F#       D#
All you troubles make you blind  no more.
I will take away the mask, 
      C#                 F# 
That I  open up your mind, up your mind.

                 Bm                   C#
CHORUS: Let me release your soul then I could raise 
        Your heart to heaven you better.
                 Bm                 C#
        Let me release your soul so I could have
        The right to make it.
                F#                 D#        B   C# F# D#
        Let me free your soul and free your mind.

You wanna go much further,
We will go to left lap.
I'm not bringing any harm, so
You, you, you, you can change to better,
I have all your problems solved.

Don't keep me in golden cage,
It's not here what I believe no more.
Please just take away the mask, 
I could open up your mind.

CHORUS (4 раза)

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