Агутин — Shape Of My Heart

Gm            F6         Cm       D
He deals the cards as a meditation,
D#/G          F6            Cm  D
And those he plays never suspect,
D#maj7                   B        D
He doesn't play for the money he wins,
D#maj7   Cm/A        Gm
He don't play for respect.

He deals the cards to find the answer,
The sacred geometry of chance,
The hidden law of a probable outcome,
The numbers lead a dance.

      Gm                 F6            D#maj7       Dsus  D
CHORUS: I know that the spades are the swords of a soldier,
  D#maj7                 F6                 Cadd9 Dsus D
        I know that the clubs are weapons of war,
  D#maj7                           B              D
        I know that diamonds mean money for this art,
            D#maj7         Cm/A         Gm
        But that's not the shape of my heart.

He may play the jack of diamonds,
He may lay the queen of spades,
He may conceal a king in his hand,
While the memory of it fades.


And if I told you that I loved you,
You'd maybe think there's something wrong.
I'm not a man of too many faces,
The mask I wear is one.

Well, those who speak know nothin',
And find out to their cost.
Like those who curse their luck in too many places,
And those who fear are lost.


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