Агутин — Just a Rainy Day (feat. Al Di Meola)

Am         Am/G        Fmaj7
Day, rainy day nakes me cry
       A7       A7/C#
And I stopped defending.
 Dm             Dm/C
More I am gonna say, feels like
Hm7-5                E7                Am
I misunderstood all words you told me, but

You so shy you can't fly
Back where dreams descending.
If you leave me now, baby,
Hm7-5              E7            Fmaj7
I'll be miserable, sad and lonely man.

Dm   H7          Am   E7     Am
Hey, hey, let's find another way.
Fmaj7 Dm E7
Just around.

         Am     Hdim7      Ddim7   Am
CHORUS: Life is short and running fast,
      Fmaj7      Dm      E7
        No time left to say «I'm sorry».
          Am       Hdim7     Ddim7  Am
        «Faith and trust and pixie dust» you said.
        Fmaj7            A7      A7/C#
        Fairy tails are good for story,
             Dm            Hm7-5 E7  Am
        But magic wand will not help us.

Day, rainy day carries blame
For a main confusion.
Can I win you back? Fighting,
Disappointment that I am facing once again? 

«Fairy tail» sounds great,
But it's all illusion.
I need to open hands as if 
Makes it possible to find your luck in rain.

Tell me why, don't be shy, I need you hеlp me there.
Fight togеther.


D/F#    F
Heavy drops of rain
C/E     Cm/D#
Leaving spots on drums.
Gm/D   A/C#            Cm
I will try forget the blame
          H      E7
When the moment comes.


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