Агутин — Father is Near You

Am              Hm7-5
On a journey to brand new places,
E7                       Am       Am/G
When you feel that your heart is silent,
Fmaj7                 Hm7-5
And the roads lead you  to nowhere,
E7          Am
Why do you care?

Never getting between some spaces.
See the tears on the smiling faces,
Then you're asking yourself a question:
Father where are you?

       Hm7-5     E7            Am      C/G C
CHORUS: Papa, I need you, you make me happy.
         F7    E7sus4/H       Em7-5     A7
        Papa, I  miss  you, my life is waiting.
         Dm        G         Em          F7
        Papa, I'm calling if you'll can hear me.
            Hm7-5      E7           Am
        Your sun will warm me once more.

Like a carousel going in circles,
And pretend we are moving fastеr,
When we're finally gеtting smarter,
There is no time left.

On the way we'll forget their wisdom.
Sometimes feel like we are in prison.
Asking more and more when you needed:
Dad where are you?


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