Вопли Видоплясова — The pack of cigarettes

                 Am               Am/C        D             Em7
I'm sitting and looking from the alien window to the alien space,
        Am       Am/C         D    Em7
And I'm not recognizing any known star.
       Am          Am/C           D       Em7
I was wandering by all the roads wide and far,
       Am              Am/C           D         Em7
I had looked back and couldn't see behind me a trace.

                 Am            C     D    Em7
CHORUS: But if I got a single pack of cigarettes,
                   Am         C      D      Em7
        Well then things are not so bad up today.
               Am            C      D      Em7
        And a ticket to the silver-winged plane,
                Am             C            D      Em7
        That's taking off and leaving down only a shade.

And nobody wanted to be guilty with no gift,
And nobody wanted to make a cat's paw of a fly.
But without music the death couldn't be believed,
But without music there's no fun to die.

CHORUS (4 раза)

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