Тату — Running blind

H       B
Reaching for you,
I know you're out there somewhere.
H            B
It's too dark, I'm so cold,
I know, I had to come here.

Every broken dream,
B              D#m
That I leave behind.
Keeps me going on,
H                 Bsus B
Keeps me running blind.

         D#m                 H
CHORUS: Calling your name I hear only echoes,
         D#m                 C#
        Searching the rain I see only shadows,
     G#m                H          D#m  C#
        You've got to show me your face.

        Voices, I hear them calling behind me,
        Phantoms of you are burning inside me,
        You've got to give me a sign.

Fading slowly,
You're drifting into darkness.
I can't see, I can't think,
I need to keep on searching.

Every memory,
Every thought of you.
Is inside of me,
Tells me what to do.


H      C#
Can you  hear me?                     
D#m   C#           H
Am I only wasting time?
Are you  near me?
F#      D#m         H
Are you only in my mind?
                 C# Bm
Are you, are you?


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