Мумий Тролль — Vitamins

G                              C
What's your, what’s your poison overnighter.
B                   D# 
Will you sell your soul for bread and butter.
G                    C 
How'd you find your lonely morning after
B             D#
Sweet lips poisoned by witchcraft.

G                   C
Press your cheeks against my knuckles.
B              G
Flying pillows, dancing locusts.
G                C      
When you find a little golden diva,
 B                       D 
Aint you ain’t you anti guy got fever.

         G                C  
CHORUS: Eating vitamins, jump a limousine -
        Driving, driving, looking, looking,
        Looking for a princess leah.
         G               C
        Kilo, kilo, kilo me miles are milli, milli.
          B                        D               G C B            
        Please, don't stop us now miss police women.
          F                    G  C B D
        Please, don't stop us now.

Throwing tongues between languages.
Getting wired to expose reality,
To undress the day to the darkest bone.
Show the moon magic ability.

Yes, we left to unite with sundown,
To unscale cod from blackness.
Twisting shaking like milky snake,
Be my pomme, pomegranate grenade.


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