Мумий Тролль — Speed

C                Am               Em
We were shredding  our lips with swatches,
 C                 Am          Em
Mixing blood with soda on the rocks,
 C            Am             Em
Laying every vein in silken pouches.
          C     Am          Em
A normal evening, a normal home.

       C       G                   Dm   Am     
CHORUS: Buckle up, I guess, you’d better,
       C         G               Dm
        I will brake the posted limits.
         C                G                   Dm    Am 
        You and me your friend will not see together,
                C            G                  Dm 
        We'll scatter us on different sides of tracks.

Branding lycra skin against the coal-fire,
Pouring wine on bodies from on high.
Souvenir scars for friends and lovers,
Those little somethings to remember me by.

CHORUS (2 раза)

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