Гагарина — Time stop

F#m                E
Goodbye, bye, You may be sure that I won’t cry. 
F#m            E
How could I believe that you’ll be always mine?
   Dmaj7                   Dm/F
Oh, no! It’s beating in my soul.
                       Dmaj7        C#7
Just leave me, please, alone, no, no.

F#m                E
Bye, bye, bye, I know you’d say that you were blind.
D                      E
Long, long flight You made me so infinite.
   Dmaj7                     Dm/F
Oh, no! Don’t worry that I’m gone.
                  Dmaj7        C#7
Just find another road, no, no.
     F#m             E                  D 
CHORUS: You are not mine, I’m not breathing,
                 E            F#m
        Tell me why heart is bleeding?
                 E                 D
        I can’t fly, wings are broken,
                 E              F#m
        Life is fight, time stop.

Goodbye, bye, I feel my soul come back to life.
Long, long flight, but you didn’t see the sunny shine.
Oh, no! I’m still in love again,
Oh, please, let me forget, no, no! 


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CHORUS (2 раза)

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