Гагарина — Hands Off

    Cm                  G#
Get off my brain, don't go my way,
         F               Fm
Don't scream my name, forget where I'm living.
        Cm                 G#            
Take a deep inhale, don't cause my pain,
    F                   Fm
Go burn in hell, don't count on me because...
Cm             G#                 F     G#   B  Cm
I've found someone who treats me right, ooh-ooh-ooh,
               G#            F     G#
The one who's holding me so tight finally.

        B   Cm       F/A    G#               F/A
CHORUS: He pictures future brighter than you did.
         B        Cm       F/A       G#
        Get your hands of future as long as I'm here,
           F/A      B
        As long as you.
            Cm     F/A    G#              F/A
        Are in my future stop spoiling my life,
         B        Cm      F/A       G#
        Get lost from my future as long as you're here.
             Fm      B        Cm
        I'm staying with you tonight.
                   G#   F G# Fm B 
        Tonight, tonight.
      Cm           G#
        Tonight, tonight,
        F               G#   Fm
        Oh-oh-oh-oh, midnight.

You, don't get my mind, you're like a child,
You're acting wrong, I'm gonna make it right.
The dream's came true: I'm over you.
How come I'm still, thinking of you it's wrong.
I've found someone who treats me right, ooh-ooh-ooh,
The one who's holding me tonight shame on me!


Fm            D#                D
And I'm gonna win all your games this time,
   Gsus             G
At least trying my best to.
Fm               D#                     D
And nothing and noone can stop me from fight.
D                 Gsus    
No I'll hold you tonight,
I'm searching for the moment.


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