А-студио — You appreciate

Am                  E/G# 
You appreciate the moment,
G6              D/F#
When I say it's okay, yeah.
Am                 E/G#
You appreciate, but I want to say,
      G                           D/F#
it's not a game to play, no, it's not a game.

      Am                 Gm6                     F        
CHORUS: You can't be the rain and cann't be the sunshine,
                 E              E/G#
        But you can be the ocean of my tears,
      Am               Gm6                       F
        When it still raining, when you see the sunshine,
                 E                E/G#
        I wanna say that it's my feelings pay.

Remember the white night,
It was just like a dream.
I remember, you take tern kisses,
And I dont' want believe that love's gone.

CHORUS (2 раза)

You appreciate.
You appreciate.

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